3 Tips to Protect Data from Cyber Theft

October 01, 2020

3 Tips to Protect Data from Cyber Theft

You Don't Know What You Don't Know (About Cybersecurity)

Updated March 2021

Welcome to October and Cyber Security Awareness Month! 

Checking email from your smart phone while boarding a plane or confirming your business account balance from your iPad in the back seat of a cab still happen!

Everywhere we go, our data travels along in the form of a laptop or various smart devices(including smart watches). More employees work from remote locations and yes, business travel will be back!

The conveniences that technology affords us are spectacular, but have you considered: is your business and personal data protected? 

A CyberSecurity Tip from A Client in the Field

The PROMOrx team works with the most innovative tech companies and cybersecurity experts in the world. A client, who is a financial crimes investigator shared why she's puzzled more aren't ordering these cybersecurity giveaways. She owns a usb data blocking adapter personally and expressed shock that more people weren't using them and how many don't know about them. 

We just saw an article sharing ideas for swag for Cybersecurity Month (October) which listed keyboard vacuums. We get it, a cleanup tool is a good thing but not sure how that's going to keep you Cyber Safe.

We've All Been Here:

Nothing instills fear in your heart quicker than suddenly noticing your device has 3% battery life. The level of panic is worse when traveling. We frantically dart around the airport or train station looking for a community charging station. If we get lucky, we find a restaurant with charging ports at the table. 

And then we unwittingly pass personal and business data to a cyber hacker. Thankfully, not always. But the threat exists. Keep in mind the same port that charges your phone also transfers data.

Cyber hackers install a tiny computer into community charging ports so that when you plug in your phone to grab a charge, your phone's data is surreptitiously downloaded. It is commonly called "juice jacking."

Your bank account login information, email accounts, social profile passwords, photos and text messages can all be transferred to the cyber hacker in a matter of moments. 

What is a usb data blocker?

A data blocker is a small but powerful adapter that forms a block between your device and the charging station. Think of it as a 'coupler' that allows the flow of the charge to pass but prevents an exchange of data.

The data blockers are available in plastic or aluminum models and can be printed, or the aluminum ones (our top sellers!), can be laser engraved. The PROMOrx one below is laser engraved.

New this year is a usb data blocker keychain. It's majorly convenient! 

3 Tips for Protecting Data

Now that you understand potential threats to your business data, take the following cybersecurity precautions:

  1. Provide data blocking charging adapters to each employee and ask, well, plead, they use them at public charging stations.
  2. Encourage employees to use the charging cables that come with their phone. Never use a borrowed cable, as hackers have developed malicious cables that steal data, too.
  3. Keep portable power banks for employees who frequently travel or who are "in the field" and need access to a quick charge. Carrying your own portable charging juice prevents you from relying on public charging stations that could be compromised.


BONUS TIP: Education is key. Consider using swag where you could offer tips for staying safe on line. Promotional products with large imprint areas will work great.

These screen cleaners come in two sizes and the entire thing can be printed. This mousepad doubles as a screen cleaner and also gives you lots of space for tips + your logo! Our clients  love this desktop phone holder + screen cleaner. It could also be printed with a cybersecurity awareness tips + your logo 


Now that you know better, do better. Think for one minute what it would mean if your business data (or personal data!) was compromised.
Take action and prevent that nightmare from becoming a reality. 

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