I've Been Working from Home for Years: 15 Tools to Make It Easier

July 09, 2020

I've Been Working from Home for Years: 15 Tools to Make It Easier

I’ve been working from home since, well, before working from home was cool or mandated. It's tough right now...if you've always worked from home or if you are new to team work from home. (Pic from shelf over my desk. Yes, I see the dust. Now.)

Several long time customers, struggling with working from home, asked me what were things I considered critical to make working from home as easy as possible. They thought my list could work for gifts for their work from home team. 

What is part of my ‘everyday carry?’ Yeah, I know, the everyday carry is from the bedroom to my office on the other side of the house! 

What is the swag (that I sell and use!) that's currently on my desk? What are the other must haves that make my list?

    1. Phone stand. The phone holder I use doubles as a screen cleaner.

    2. Mousepad. This ergonomic mousepad is on my desk and has been for years.    OMG That awful PROMOrx logo! What was I thinking?!?

    3. A mouse comfortable for my hand. The Logitech M330 is my mouse of the moment. See pic above.

    4. Earbuds, two pairs: my AirPods and a corded, over the ear backup. I'm testing these headphones this month. Maybe because I use AirPods more frequently, these seem bulky. 

    5. Pens that write well. I’m a pen snob and SpaceX fan. This Space Pen also called the Astronaut Pen, is a fave. I'm testing this giveaway category pen this week.

    6. Journals and notebooks for taking notes without having a dozen sticky notes about. Current journal books on my desk: No frills journal. I like that it's USA Made. And this eco friendly journal is made from apples! Ask me next month and I'll have different journals!

    7. Insulated water bottle (less trips to the kitchen!) This insulated water bottle has a one touch open but I also have a classic screw top bottle as backup. I frequently test new bottles, so ask me next week and it will be different.

    8. Wireless mobile charger currently on my desk (my iPhone 11 supports wireless charging as do my AirPods)

    9. Battery Power Banks, charged up, in case of power outages due to construction in my neighborhood or summertime thunderstorms. All chargers in bag on website.

    10. A really good desk light. Mine is from here (not an affiliate link) and  doubles as a 'selfie' light when on zoom calls.  https://verilux.com/pages/smartlight-led

    11. A comfortable desk chair. This changes every year/every other year.

    12. A wee bit of zen on my desk …. Fresh flowers, candles, favorite art, family pics, etc. I don't always have fresh flowers, but always things that makes me smile!

    13. Tools I can't live without: Zoom, Loom, Slack, Trello. What are yours?

    14. Music. I use the Amazon Echo and run the gamut from classical to rock n roll, oldies, R&B...well, whatever my mood dictates!

    15. Phone sanitizer. I had the UV Sanitizer pre-COVID-19. A client just ordered this similar UV-C phone sanitizer and was very pleased.

    And a bonus tip: breaks. Set a timer to remind you to get up and move, stare out the window, dance, listen to music, stretch...whatever you need to 'refill your pitcher.' I aim for one 15 minute break per hour, but usually it's every two hours....or three hours....
      Blogger Bio: It's Vickie, the PROMOrx owner sharing my go to list for working from home based on years of doing it!