One-Stop Shopping for Company Swag WILL Save You Time (& Money!)

January 11, 2019

One-Stop Shopping for Company Swag WILL Save You Time (& Money!)

It’s a new year, and to-do lists are once again a mile long. There are meetings, phone calls, conferences, employees and/or clients to onboard, and trade shows to attend. Time is your biggest asset and we understand how valuable that is when it comes to finding the right company swag for the right event. Add in deadlines and budgets, and it can all feel incredibly overwhelming.

Simplify Your Shopping, Save Yourself A LOT of Time

A client recently confided in us that he was confused about which order we were talking about because he had placed a few different orders from different promotional products companies, and he was having trouble keeping up with them all.

Our first thought? Thank you, dear client, for being honest!

Our second thought? Holy moly! Who has time for all that?!  

Between selecting the right swag, determining pricing, placing the order, art approvals, and tracking updates - that’s a lot of emails to keep track of, let alone from a swarm of different companies who likely handle the process in totally different ways anyway. Your time is valuable, so spend it doing something other than making sure your orders are on the way.  

You’re probably wondering why said client would go to so many different companies in the first place.

The short answer: He was probably unable to find the exact product he was looking for on our website.

The long(er) answer: There are a ton of cool corporate giveaways on the market and it would be impossible for us to showcase them all on our website. Plus, we tend to polish our list of promotional products with only the best out there - you’re never going to be presented with anything that doesn’t fit the highest quality for your budget range.

The awesome answer: We don’t need to have every.single.product on our website. We have the magic tools necessary to get you the products you want even if they’re not currently listed on our website.

That makes PROMOrx a true one-stop shop for all your cool corporate giveaways.  

All You Need to Do is ASK!

If you’re searching for the ultimate branded swag for your company’s next trade show giveaway or perhaps a client thank you gift, tell us your budget and let us help you purchase the best giveaways ever.single.time.

Ask us up front! It's VERY likely we have the hottest new tech giveaway or a really cool swag upgrade for all the tech clients you want to say thank you to.

Tight deadline? No worries! We work with various factories across the country, which means we know where to go when deadlines are looming. If you’re on the West Coast and you order a product that ships from one of our factories on the East Coast, it’s going to take longer to get to you. Ordering corporate swag from a factory on the West Coast can reduce transit time for ground shipment and possibly eliminate cost for upgrading to express shipping. That means you not only meet your trade show giveaway deadline, you also save money. A lot of money!

“Your logo needs to go on a diet!” Honest words from owner, and veteran promotional swag expert, Vickie MacFadden. In addition to knowing where to go for the right product for your business in terms of budget, deadline, and manufacturer, PROMOrx is also on top of the game when it comes to making company swag recommendations that work with your logo and the type of imprint method available for the product.  

Need to re-order? This is the great thing about one-stop shopping. If you’ve found that sweet spot in your corporate swag, then it definitely doesn’t make sense to start the process over and try to find something similar. We keep your orders, logos, mock-ups, and all other pertinent information on file, so that when you’re ready to re-order, all you have to do is say, “Go!”

In the end, it all comes down to convenience and what you really have time for. It doesn’t make sense to shop three different companies when you can get all your corporate branding needs fulfilled with one promotional products company who is going to go above and beyond in finding your the right product to fit your deadline, budget, and logo. 

Oh, and remember the client who was having a hard time keeping up with all those orders? In the end, we found him a high quality product that was still within his budget, and that was shipping from a West Coast supplier, meaning he will get it in time for his event. He was so appreciative for the one-on-one help AND knowing he was getting a better bang for his buck. A one-stop shopping success story.

Will you be next? Reach out and say hi. We’d love to show you how shopping at PROMOrx can alleviate those dreaded to-do lists.