10 Cool Tech Gadgets for Any Marketing Budget

September 16, 2020

10 Cool Tech Gadgets for Any Marketing Budget

Cool tech gadgets? On a budget? PROMOrx has ideas for your marketing plan!

Tech giveaways continue to be a top company swag category. 

When it comes to the hottest categories for branded giveaways, this category continues to be a staple. 

Tech is here to stay and as the tech changes and improves, the obsession increases, which means your target customers expect the latest and most up to date options.

But don't think for a second that electronics and tech giveaways are out of your budget!

We've got you covered no matter the budget. In fact, we thought you'd like a peek behind the PROMOrx curtain to see what tech items our customers are adding their logo to, and why.



"We should treat personal electronic data with the same care and respect as weapons-grade plutonium — it is dangerous, long-lasting and once it has leaked, there's no getting it back."
Cory Doctorow — Blogger, Journalist & Popular Science Fiction Author

Our customers take security very seriously. That's why we carry a range of personal and digital security items. They're easy to carry, easy to travel with, and most importantly, effective!


Here are a few of our customer favorites:

1.  Data Blocking USB Charging Adapter

This is one of our top sellers! Have you ever worried about public charging stations for mobile devices? Could hackers modify them and access your data, or download malware to your device?

This item was a huge seller for our customers attending Black Hat USA .  Prevent the unwanted exchange of data with this USB charger, available in plastic or aluminum in a variety of colors. Learn more about data blockers. (We selected this data blocker because it comes with an instruction card!) 

New this year, the USB Data Blocker Keychain !


2.  RFID Blocking Items

Whether you travel around the world or to the corner market, wireless identity theft is a threat.

Business Wire recently quoted Identity Stronghold CEO, Walt Augustinowicz, as saying "It's the 'Wild West' out there," According to Business Wire, there are approximately one-billion RFID-enabled credit and debit cards susceptible to electronic theft, turning your back pocket into what they call a "target-rich environment."


Our customers love the idea of having their brand name associated with the security of products like our RFID Blocking Credit Card Case or RFID Promotional Phone Wallet Strap

And if you have a welcome aboard package of company swag for new hires, this Journal with a Phone Pocket (with RFID protection) would be a great addition.


3.  Branded Webcam Cover and Screen Cleaner

Have you seen the famous Tweet by Chis Olson @topherolson? Chris noticed that Mark Zuckerberg has tape over his laptop camera.

Our customers worry, too, so we've sourced a  branded webcam cover. It works for laptops, desktops and phone cameras. It's removable and can be used over and over.


One of the great things about tech products is that they make life more convenient. But, let's face it, it's pretty darned inconvenient when they are a tangled mess of cords and chargers...especially when there's not an outlet in sight.

4.  Branded Solar Chargers

There are several different models that help you personalize to your customers' exact needs. Solar Chargers are a great promotional giveaway for anyone who travels. These make terrific gifts for company incentive programs, too.

Check out the Mobile Solar Charger. Or if you're looking for a sleek Smartphone Solar Charger, we've got that covered.


5.  Custom Power Banks

One of the items clients find useful and easy to brand is a power bank. People are always looking for ways to power up, and by adding their brand to these popular devices, they stay top-of-mind.

Clients are scooping up these Phone Holders with Built in Wireless Chargers for staff gifts or client appreciation gifts. No cables? No problem with this  Wireless Charger with Built in Cables + AC connector

Whether it's the classic Speaker + Wireless + Battery Charger, the fun Juice Box Mobile Charger, or something in between, power banks are incredibly popular.



Work and Play

The best thing about tech is that it merges with all aspects of life. The screen you use for work is the same one your kids watch YouTube on when your plane is delayed.

So whether you're transferring work files, pictures of your pets or pictures of your grand kids, the accessories matter. And they are also easy to brand, so they're seen not just by the person using them, but everyone who comes in contact.

That makes promotional tech accessories a client favorite.


6.  Branded UV Phone Sanitizers /Phone Sterilizers


The year of the pandemic. But interestingly, these Custom Phone Sanitizers have been around for years. One of our clients, who sold to spas and wellness facilities, purchased these last year as gifts with purchase. Their thought was the spas could sanitize and charge their customer's phones while they were getting a facial, pedicure, etc. 

Unlike the UV sanitizer above which allows you to charge your device as well as sanitize, these branded phone sterilizers come in two sizes and sanitize/sterilize only. No surprise it's a top seller!


7.  Promotional Earbuds

Earbuds are always a good bet with options in every budget range. Silicone Earbuds with Matching Case are colorful and easily branded. 

These earbuds with logo address the challenge with iPhones and the audio jack that most corded earbuds have. These have the lightning and type C connectors. Apple users will love the convenience!

Going budget-friendly looks good with Earbuds in a Pouch that doubles for cleaning and storage. Again, easily branded, portable and ultra-handy when you're needing a bit of privacy and a clean phone screen!


8.  Bluetooth Custom Speakers

Portable. Powerful. And no wires to get tangled up! Take a look at our customer favorites.

The Custom Mini Bluetooth Speaker fits in the palm of your hand and has a sit up and take notice feature: a built in selfie remote!

Come on, 'fess up...you've been known to grab your bluetooth speaker and head for the shower. Singing in the shower could be America's second favorite past-time.  But one caution...your voice always sounds better in the shower.😉 

Try the Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker. Eco friendly + your playlist is a great combo! 

And like most of our cool tech promo products, there are a wide range to choose from.

9.  Promotional USB Hubs

These definitely come under the heading of practical. Get organized and claim desktop real estate for your brand's logo. This USB Hub with Quick Charge Ports is in the business thank you gift or employee on-boarding price range.


10.  Branded Bags

While not necessarily a true tech item, our customers carry a lot of tech along with their every day personal items. Bags will always be a perfect addition. 

Don't miss this clever custom backpack with a built in charger! See, we got the tech + a bag!  


These are ten cool tech ideas for any budget, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. (Actually ten categories with several options listed! We believe in the value add proposition!)

If you have questions about choosing the perfect branded giveaway, we're here to help. Just give us a call and we'll show you how to add your brand to any of our products. So get ready to geek-out and enjoy the future of cool tech promos.


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