February Favorites: Cool Tech Gifts for Your Favorite Clients

February 16, 2018

February Favorites: Cool Tech Gifts for Your Favorite Clients

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The holiday season is over, but smart business owners know that gift giving is a year-round business strategy. One group that deserves your special attention year-round is your best clients.

We won’t skirt around the fact that not every client is created equal. Some are more profitable, easier to work with or simply more valuable to your business. It’s just common sense to prioritize these clients and focus on growing your relationship with them. But to do that, you need a gift that offers greater value than a basic branded pen and notepad set.

That’s where cool tech gifts come in. Technology has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. By strategically gifting your favorite clients with useful tech products, you can keep your brand on their mind for the long-term and foster loyalty and trust in your company.

The Power of Client Gifts

Before we discuss which cool tech gifts we’re loving right now, it’s important to understand why rewarding your best clients is a smart business strategy. There are plenty of benefits to client rewards, so here are just a few reasons why this strategy will work for you.

Cultivate Brand Loyalty

It’s no secret that your most loyal clients are your most profitable ones. Repeat business is what keeps your doors open, but fostering trust in your company isn’t easy these days.

Your clients value your brand enough to do business with you, but there is always room for improvement. By giving your valued clients a distinctive gift, you can build your relationship and solidify the relationship with your company.

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Gain Potential Referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing is key to acquiring more referrals. According to a recent study, consumers trust recommendations from family and friends more than they do traditional forms of advertising.

How can you get people talking about your brand? With promotional gifts, of course!

Giving your favorite clients the best promotional products is a great way to start a conversation about your brand. Once someone notices the custom PopSocket with your logo on their phone, it is likely to turn into a conversation about your brand.

Create Opportunities for Partnerships

To compete with today’s big corporations, many small business owners have turned to forming strategic partnerships with other small businesses to achieve their goals. Oftentimes, these partnerships use a referral system to feed the pipeline.

Give your client a cool gift that they can use every day to remind them of your brand. When opportunity or a creative idea strikes, they will know exactly whom to contact.

Grow Brand Identity

A good brand identity is more than a logo and a brand name. It is a symbol of your company’s reputation in the industry.

Branded gifts are a great way to grow a company’s brand identity, but only if you choose the right products. It doesn’t make sense for a fitness company to use branded candy bars to promote its brand, for example. Instead, a custom water bottle or gym bag is a better choice for bolstering health and wellness messaging.

Choosing the right products for your brand will boost your brand identity and recognition, making your unique service and products more memorable in the eyes of your clients.

Wow-Worthy Gifts to Delight Your Favorite Clients

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You know why your business needs to gift your favorite clients. But how do you choose the right tech gift without breaking the bank?

The good news is that cool tech gifts don’t need to drain your budget. Here are our favorite affordable and useful tech gifts that will delight any client:

  • PopSockets: This useful item can be used as a media stand, a grip for photo taking, or to corral earbuds. Just be sure to get the original PopSocket for your branded gifts, not a knock-off!
  • Data Blocking USB Adapter: Protect your client’s private information with data blocking USB charging adapters. This cool tech giveaway is great for clients who need to use public spaces to charge their devices.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: Need a trendy gift to impress your favorite clients? Give them a pair of Bluetooth speakers to enjoy time and time again.
  • Phone Chargers: Perfect for every budget, phone chargers are always an appreciated gift. With how often we use our phones, you can rest easy knowing it will get plenty of use.
  • Power Banks: A personalized power bank with a sleek design will attract the right kind of attention as your clients charge their devices.

Final Words

When it comes to showing your appreciation, basic promotional gifts aren’t going to cut it. You need gear that will get your favorite clients excited, reward their loyalty, and keep your brand front and center in their mind. The cool tech gifts we’ve listed here are sure to be used repeatedly, providing value to your clients and reminding them of your brand with every use.