Custom USB Data Blocker

  • Item #: 120420
  • Item Size: 1.62" L x 0.75" W x 0.56" H
  • Imprint Area: 1" W x 0.62" H

This USB Data Blocker is a cyber security giveaway that will make you feel as protected as 007?
Well, your data at least! 

Custom USB Data Blockers Are The #1 Cybersecurity Giveaway Of The Year
and a simple and secure way to protect your sensitive data. 

This security swag, a custom usb data blocker, or data stop or data condom or juice jacking defender
or whatever YOU call them, prevents unwanted data exchange
when charging at public charging stations.

There are public charging stations all over. Could a public charging station be modified
to allow a hacker to access your data or to pass on malware? You know that answer!

    • Plug the data blocker into your phone. Then connect a USB cable or flash drive into the adapter.
    • Data pins are blocked but power pins aren't, so your device charges as usual.
    • Aluminum Case (extra charge) or Plastic Case
    • Standard Packaging: Individual poly bags with information insert printed on copy paper.
      Info insert is critical. Many don't offer this.
      Why give something many may not be familiar with??
    • Branded with your company logo  printed in one color, full color,
      or laser engraved on aluminum models, these are a top trade show giveaways. 
    • Type C now available:  plastic case only.

How do you know usb data blockers work?

  1. Using your charging cable, connect your phone to your computer without using a data blocker.
    The phone icon will appear on your computer.
    You can transfer data between computer and phone.
  2. Next, insert the data blocker into your computer and your charging cable into the usb data blocker.
    You will not see the phone icon, indicating the data blocker is working.  
  3. If the phone icon does not show up, the USB data blocker is working, your data is safe.
    More info on data blockers here.

A custom-printed or engraved USB data blocker is a great tech giveaway!

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