7 Easy Ways to Cut Down on the Trash You Generate: Earth Day

April 02, 2018

7 Easy Ways to Cut Down on the Trash You Generate: Earth Day

According to the Earth Day website, more than a billion people from all over the world, join together to celebrate Earth Day, the largest secular observance in the world. By making a conscious effort to make small changes, we can have a profound impact on air and water pollution, deterioration of the environment, and extinction of wildlife.

PROMOrx is always looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious, including finding eco-friendly products (like this recycled journal and pen set) for our clients and suggesting reusable water bottles. These are a couple simple but impactful ways that we can all use to preserve "Mother Earth."

We think Alexandra is right on target with the infographic she generously allowed us to use here on our blog: if all of us do little things consistently, it will make a difference.

CREDIT: Alexandra Case, a senior Advertising student at the University of Georgia (UGA), designed this wonderful infographic. Alexandra will graduate in May 2018. 


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