Here’s a Corporate Gift Idea You Probably Haven’t Considered

October 26, 2020

Here’s a Corporate Gift Idea You Probably Haven’t Considered

When thinking about the best corporate gifts, a lot of things come to mind, most of which are a basic go-to when it comes to corporate gifting: journals, mobile chargers, business portfolios, Bluetooth speakers, coffee cups, etc.

There's nothing wrong with any of these for corporate gift ideas. But what about a unique gift idea? The one idea that is often overlooked is a book.


Now, you may be thinking: How can my company customize a book with our brand’s logo when the book’s cover is already so busy?

There are many ways you can make a book your own without defacing what is already there (!). Your company logo can be printed on the cover or added as a band around the binding of the book. Some books can be completely customized with a book jacket, which gives you even more opportunity to get your branding message out there. Additional personalization options are available, depending on the book and your budget (ask us how!).   

There is also the option to NOT personalize a book. Did we just hear you audibly gasp?! That’s okay! We understand how crazy that sounds coming from a business dedicated to personalizing all things swag. However, we’re not always advocates for branded gifts.

Books allow your business the opportunity to do things a little different, and this is a good idea if you need smaller quantities.

We love the idea of gifting clients or employees a book that has a handwritten note tucked into or written directly on the inside front cover. An enclosed note keeps the book nice and clean (for any purists out there). It also gives your company the opportunity to add a personal touch. It’s a small gesture that will leave clients, vendors or staff feeling thought of and cared for. And that's more important now than ever.

Another question that might arise is: How do I know which book to gift a client, employee or vendor?

This is a good question, regardless of the recipient. It’s always a good idea to do some research to ensure you are giving a gift that will be appreciated. We have some tips for avoiding a disaster with buying client gifts that will apply to your book buying needs as well. The key: Know your gift recipient and buy with intention!

On the whole, books make great corporate gifts for a number of reasons and are just as customizable as any other promotional gift item on the market, if that’s the route you do indeed to take. No matter the occasion, books make a great year-end gift for clients or the perfect “job well done” gift for employees.

In the time of the pandemic, books that invoke laughter, offer easy recipes or promote self care would also be welcome topics. 

We’ve compiled a list of five reasons why you might want to consider corporate gift books for your clients, customers, prospects, employees, colleagues, vendors or the boss.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Books as Corporate Gifts

1. You’re Giving the Gift of Knowledge

Whether you’re giving a self-help book or a coffee table book full of fun facts about the hottest travel destination, you’re giving a gift that is expanding minds and broadening horizons.

To those of us who are continuous learners, especially leaders and entrepreneurs, receiving a book,
even if it’s outside their area of expertise, is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

2. Books Are Affordable

Yes, we know. The budget. We understand that corporate gift giving relies starts with your company’s budget. And now, with books likely needing to be shipped
to individual homes, that is an additional cost. 

Books have an ongoing return. Do you remember books you received years ago? Bet the answer is yes!

Books are meaningful and memorable, and will encourage an investment in learning, which is an impactful way to support your team or tell clients you care.

3. You Can Personalize a Book

We’ve already discussed the ways you can customize a corporate gift book, but personalization can extend beyond that. Giving someone your favorite book shares with them little insights about your personality and/or your business that might be hard to convey with a custom coffee cup or engraved pen.

If you share a book of stunning photography, it tells clients you’re visual and appreciate art and technique, while giving someone a book on how to cook may also give them insights and some fun at the same time. 

4. There is a Book for Everyone

No, really. There is a book for every personality type, every industry, every sense of humor, every knowledge level, every hobby…literally everyone.

If you’re choosing a business book gift based on your client’s interests, there are lots of options, all will tell your client you’ve put thought and effort into the gifting process. A well-thought out corporate gift is going to be memorable, and your business will be top on their list when they need your service or product. 

If the book is going to your employees, they will also know, by your book choice, that you care about their well being and welcome your encouragement.

5. Books Can Be Shared

Corporate gift books are gifts that will be read, shared, and (hopefully) never thrown away. Whether it’s a book passed along to another employee or a beautiful hardcover coffee table book that your client’s customers look at while they’re waiting in reception, a book is going to keep your logo in sight.

Books are a thoughtful and affordable corporate gift idea that guarantee your message will be seen. Whatever your specific promotion needs are, you’re going to find a book that is just right for you and your recipient. So, as you’re scrolling through the endless promotional gift options, consider personalizing a book and giving a unique client gift.  


Interested in Corporate Gift Books?

We have access to thousands of book titles (actually, most every book currently published), and each one can be customized to include your company logo. Ask us for more information on these and other corporate gift ideas

Unlike Amazon, we don't list every book on our website. If your business has a specific book in mind for gifting, let us know. If you're open to suggestions, our owner is an avid reader and would be glad to assist! 

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