Fidget Spinners Turn Plastic Into Sales Gold

June 02, 2017

Fidget Spinners Turn Plastic Into Sales Gold

One of the tips PROMOrx recommends is to watch retail trends for the next hot product, and this billion dollar industry is sizzling.

Fidget Spinners! And yes, we've got them!

So what makes these little bits of plastic so irresistible for kids and adults, especially when there are no screens, cords or battery assists needed?

Today we're taking a look at the newest global trend and how it can give your company or school promotion some much-needed spin.


Quick History of Toy Fads that Paid BIG

Does the name Gary Dahl mean anything to you? In August of 1975, Dahl made it big when he introduced the Pet Rock.  He sold 1.5 million rocks with training manuals to a very hungry public and made millions.

And a year later they were gone.

But that isn't the case with all toy fads. In February of 1996, a quiet little franchise of "Pocket Monsters" known as Pokémon made their debut. In May of 2016, Money Inc. reported that Nintendo is still making approximately $1.5 billion a year from cards, comics, videos and associated products.

There's that "B" word again!

Whether you're old enough to remember the Pet Rock, or young enough to have bought a pack of Pokémon cards with your allowance, you'll recognize that retail toy trends are big business and carry the ultimate in name recognition and branding.

Rubix Cube®, Beanie Babies®, Frisbee's®, Friendship Bracelets and even Hula Hoops are all great examples of brands who have an immediate and lasting awareness in the minds of their public. 


The History of the Fidget Spinner

This little piece of plastic spins in the palm of your hand, on the table, on your nose, or on the top of your beer bottle! Well, that's according to GeekBite, the YouTube sensation and Professional Fidgeter. 

Apparently, spinner mania is so big it has created such a thing as a Fidget Pro.

As of today, he’s having fun with well over 7 million views for that video alone!

Fidgets are a hit and frankly, a no-brainer for companies who understand the importance of tracking a retail trend and capitalizing on it when they choose promotional products.

So here's the spin.

In the US, New-York based producers have sold more than 20 million fidget spinners to department and toy stores in April alone, according to the New York Post.

“At this rate, it would be our largest-selling toy in our 50-plus-year history,” the vice president of the company, Allen Ashkenazie, told the Post.



Is the Fidget Spinner a Toy or a Therapy Tool?

The Fidget Spinner gets a lot of press as a therapy aid, especially for autism and ADHD. And while this toy has no proven track record for helping people, it is common practice for therapists to give patients "fidget tools" to help them concentrate.

Does it work?

Have you ever clicked the top of your pen while you're thinking about what to write or played with a stress ball? According to a study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, hyperactive movements—fidgeting—help people focus and learn better.

Yeah, fidgets work!

And now that it's gone mainstream, self-conscious patients are less likely to hide therapy tools from their peers. In fact, they can proudly rock their favorite spinner tricks with everyone else!


Spinning Plastic into Gold

If you aren't ready to get on the bandwagon just for fun, then let's talk numbers and marketing opportunities for your company.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow. How can you tap into that?

Picture your next trade show. Are your reps standing around talking to each other with their backs to the room?

Or worse, are reading scripts on how to engage people and pull them into the sales funnel?

Instead of a canned sales pitch, how about turning the fun into profit? Give your crew Fidget Spinners branded with your company logo. They are a great way to break that awkward moment when you want to talk, without being high-pressure. 

They are a natural conversation starter!

Or hire a couple of high school kids to do tricks and get your audience involved. That leaves your sales staff open to talk once attendees are in the booth and feeling less stressed.

Spinners are an ideal promotional giveaway for so many reasons. Here's our spinner hit list.

  • High demand product
  • Tremendous public awareness
  • Small size
  • Flawless engagement technique
  • No tech support required
  • Easily branded
  • Perfect price


It's rare that a product that exceeds every expectation comes along. If you want to spin plastic into sales gold, give us a call. We'll help you put some spin into your next marketing campaign.