WFH (Work From Home) Swag Gift Ideas

April 10, 2020

WFH (Work From Home) Swag Gift Ideas

Many business teams are now Team WFH (Work From Home). Even with zoom, Facebook Messenger, Slack or Facetime, it's still a challenge to keep team spirit and company culture alive. How do you let your remote team know they are appreciated? 

Several of our clients decided to send gifts to their remote team but needed working from home (WFH) swag ideas. We listened. We've put together an idea catalog for your working from home team to help you see just a bit of the available swag.

Admittedly, with access to literally, almost a million items, we can't put them all in one catalog or even one website. If you see a category you like, but you wonder if there's another choice, just ask us! 

Pricing is not in the catalog below on purpose as not only pricing, but availability changes by the day. Just let us know what you're interested in and we'll get you pricing. Yes, we'll ask to see your logo! Or if you prefer to go with a quote or positive saying, we're glad to help with that as well. 

Speaking of logos, that's an interesting trend we're seeing for working from home swag: logos are not as much front and center. We're not saying company branded swag is dead. It's just got a new twist! Clients are doing something as simple as printing smiley faces on coffee mugs. Motivational quotes are also perfect to put on swag for your team.

One client had their graphic artist hide the logo element in the graphics surrounding the quote. It was subtle compared to the normal promotional products practice of company logo front and center on every piece of company swag. The report we heard was that the message was very much appreciated. It definitely worked well for this client and their team!

Shipping Gifts to Team Members' Homes

What you need to know about ordering items to ship directly to your team's homes: there are lots of options depending on budget. Many of the suppliers we use have special drop ship packages. Basically, shipping is, well, what shipping is. The goal is always to try to keep your budget spend as much on the gift as possible!  

And speaking of shipping: be sure to allow extra delivery time. All the major carriers are swamped. We're seeing many orders take extra days to be delivered. It's the current state of affairs with UPS and FedEx.

What about Custom WFH Kits? 

Pick swag gifts you know your team will appreciate from our website. One client went with an insulated tumbler with straw and a journal made in the USA. These items come from two different factories. No problem. We had both items printed with the clients logo + message and shipped to our facility to 'kit' and ship. 

From face masks to water bottles to eco friendly journals, our clients have well equipped team WFH!

If an already curated kit is a better choice for your company, we have swag ideas. This home office kit is one option. What about providing snack time and if you like, a desktop tool to banish the crumbs? This Cookies and Crumbs Kit could be your answer!  We're here to help your working from home team know they are still part of your team.

INSIDER TIP: order extras, especially if shipping to your team's home address.

INSIDER TIP #2: ask about custom shipping boxes. We can do that, too!

INSIDER TIP #3: consider weight of the items you choose if budget is critical. This will affect shipping costs. 

We make it easy. All we need are your team members' addresses.

What NOT to send...

A major tech player was trending on twitter for a gift box sent to those who had registered for an online conference. The boxes were shipped to their homes, of course. What was inside? One of the items was a bento type box with bamboo plastic utensils. Are we the only ones who found this strange? You're probably not six feet from your own kitchen. Wouldn't you want to use real utensils? 

Another client was looking at custom lunch coolers for their remote employees, but was encouraged by his staff to consider something else. (Have to give one of his team credit as the suggestion was made you could use the coolers for grocery store trips!) His team prevailed and the decision was made to go with a home office work kit. 

The feedback received on the home office swag kit was excellent! That's music to everyone's ears!


Gifts for Staff AND Others

In addition to purchasing gifts for staff, what about suppliers, neighbors or health care workers in your personal circle? This bamboo custom speaker has been a great gift for clients or staff! There are lots of ideas in this gift catalog that could work for those gifts, too.

Work from Home Gift Catalog

We thought this would get your creative juices flowing! Click on the link below. 

Work from Home Gift Ideas


Call 888.553.9569, extension 3 to speak to Vickie or email Vickie at PROMOrx dot com to order gifts for remote workers. 

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