WFH (Work From Home) Gift Ideas

April 10, 2020

WFH (Work From Home) Gift Ideas

Many business teams are now Team WFH (Work From Home). Even with zoom, Facebook Messenger, Slack or Facetime, it's still a challenge to keep team spirit alive. How do you let your remote team know 'we're all in it together?' 

Several of our clients have decided to send gifts to their remote team but needed ideas. We listened. We've put together an idea catalog to help you see what's available. Pricing is not there on purpose as not only pricing, but availability changes frequently. 

Shipping Gifts to Team Members' Homes

What you need to know about ordering items to ship directly to your team's homes: typically there are drop ship fees on top of actual shipping costs. Many of the open factories we use have waived or greatly reduced these charges, meaning your budget can be spend on the gift, not on the shipping. That's a good thing. 

And speaking of shipping: for 1-2 lbs packages, shipping UPS or FedEx Ground (the least expensive option), charges can average $15-25 per package. Depending on your budget, we know this can present problems. Tell us your budget, how many you need shipped to your remote team and let's find a solution. One of our factories will ship USPS while others will not. We will do everything we can to make this work. Reach out and we'll walk you through finding the best gifts for your budget.

How the COVID19 Virus Affects Factories

Many of the PROMOrx suppliers are closed. Some are 'straddling the line' meaning they can't decorate a journal for example, but can ship blank journals.

This catalog has a mix of gift selections that can be decorated and some that can't, current as of the publish date of this blogpost. (We just got word two more of our factories are shutting down completely due to their state's stay in place/essential business edicts.) 

Gifts for Staff AND Others

In addition to purchasing gifts for staff, what about suppliers, neighbors, health care workers in your personal circle? There are lots of ideas in this gift catalog that could work for those gifts, too.

Work from Home Gift Catalog

We thought this would get your creative juices flowing! Click on the link below. 

Work from Home Gift Ideas


Call 888.553.9569, extension 3 to speak to Vickie or email to order 'we're all in this together' gifts for remote workers. 

PS Click here for Hand sanitizers and masks



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