The Swag Nurses REALLY Want for Nurse Appreciation Week

April 08, 2019

The Swag Nurses REALLY Want for Nurse Appreciation Week

A lot of people think of company swag as solely something you give out as tradeshow giveaways to entice prospects or as a thank you to clients for their business. However, another big reason companies purchase promotional products is for their employees. Whether used as part of the on-boarding process, as incentives for reaching those sales goals, or as small gestures of employee appreciation, cool company swag is good for upholding employee moral.  

It’s nice to know you’re appreciated, and while a lot of employers have good intention when it comes to employee swag, they sometimes fall short. We’ve been over it before: buy with intention for the intended recipient, whether it’s a client, prospect, board members, or your employees. 

To reiterate this point, and in honor of National Nurses Week (May 6-12), we decided to ask a group of our awesome, hardworking nurse friends about recent swag they’ve received as part of their company’s appreciation program for Nurses Week. The answers may surprise you!


9 Cool Company Swag Ideas for Nurses

With National Nurses Week coming up, what better way to celebrate, recognize, and show appreciation for the wonderful work your nursing staff is doing for you and your practice. Cool company swag can be meaningful, and we encourage you to opt for swag that shows your appreciation. Here we’ve given you 9 cool company swag ideas, ranging from budget-friendly to those more

From the Splurge-Worth Category

  1. Drinkware is a popular choice across many industries, but nurses seem to need (and appreciate) the versatile, on-the-go portability of a customized tumbler. Opt for a super insulated, no sweat version - perfect for keeping drinks hot in the cooler climates and perfect for keeping drinks cold in the hotter, Southern states. We like this knock-off water bottle, and it comes in a bunch of inspiring colors!
  2. No one knows the importance of killing germs, better than a nurse! These UV Light Phone Sanitizers are a higher end nurse appreciation gift, but we think it’s a great custom swag option for showing nurses you care about the hard work they do while staying 100% on brand (that’s important!).
  3. One might not associate nurses with tech giveaways, but as our survey shows, nurses do appreciate a good phone charger! This power bank with built-in cables eliminates the amount of cords you need to carry around, which is a bonus for busy nurses working the night shift, carrying lunch bags, and trying to keep everything organized while caring for others.
  4. Speaking of carrying stuff, consider a fashion-forward tote that your nurse may want to use for work as well as on their days off. We like the bright colors and grommet trim of this canvas tote. Perfect for toting lunches, electronics, and more to work, but also perfect for running errands with the kiddos on the weekends.

From the Budget-Friendly Category

  1. Many nurses are working the night shift, and thus, working in hospitals where the light is more dim than during the day. A light-up pen (or two - you can never have too many pens!) makes writing in charts easier on their eyes, and it shows you recognize the work they’re doing in less-than-desirable conditions. We like this retractable pen with LED light because it can be used with or without the light, making it a versatile option for a nurse working all shifts!
  2. Our nurse survey showed that phone chargers are much-appreciated, but the one listed above might be a little out of your budget. That’s okay! We like these more affordable mobile phone chargers as thoughtful, yet budget-friendly ideas for showing someone you appreciate them. They also come in a range of nice colors - great for a any custom logo.
  3. With all the back and forth that nurses due, from work to home, from varying shifts, organization is key. These tech gear organizers serve as really cool appreciation swag because they hold a lot of tech stuff, but are still compact (they roll up!) enough to toss into a laptop bag or a tote. It’s a tech giveaway that nurses are sure to appreciate!
  4. What a lot of employers tend to overlook is the stress factor that a lot of their employees are under, which is why we’re big advocates for these stress relieving adult coloring books. These particular coloring book journals for adults also serve as a space to take notes and do some writing, which is a win-win for usefulness. It’s a nice way to say you understand the crucial work they do while also giving them something they can use for work.
  5. Customizable totes are always a big ticket item when it comes to easy, useable, company swag. We listed a more fashion-friendly option above, but here is a custom denim tote that will get used time and again for trips to the grocery store, work, weekend outings, and more. Bonus? It’s environmentally-friendly!


Employees tend to undervalue the hardest working populations in our workforce, and we’d love to see companies who recognize and appreciate the often challenging work nurses. So, up your game for this year’s National Nurses Week, and choose custom company swag that applauds their effort, enthusiasm, dedication, and kindness. A small thank you can go a long way. 

Is there a nurse in your life you’d like to say thank you to? Leave a comment letting us know who that special nurse is and why you think they’re GREAT!

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