The Gifts Nurses REALLY Want for Nurse Appreciation Week

April 23, 2020

The Gifts Nurses REALLY Want for Nurse Appreciation Week

UPDATED April 2020

How do you use gifts to honor nurses during Nurse's Week, celebrated May 6 - May 12? We are excited to share excellent ideas that are on point in the midst of the current pandemic crisis.

You've probably seen the generic 'Nurses Are Great' type of swag gifts. Nurses are great. Think about really recognizing your nursing team. We think the trend to consider in 2020 is personalization. Personalization gives you a 'double dip' -- first, you are helping keep the spread of germs at bay by making sure Susie doesn't grab Nathan's water bottle but just as important, you're taking the time to recognize an individual by using their name. Everyone loves to have their name recognized (and spelled correctly!).



6 Cool Gift Ideas for Nurses

With National Nurses Week coming up, what better way to celebrate, recognize, and show appreciation for your nursing staff than with a special gift. Meaningful gifts, are always appreciated but especially now. 


  1. Drinkware is a popular gift choice across many industries, but nurses seem to need (and appreciate) the versatile, on-the-go portability of a customized tumbler. Personalization is going to be important in 2020 and beyond.These tumblers can be personalized with the nursing staff names for FREE.
  2. Have you seen the inside out umbrellas? Or inverted or whatever you call them? Nurses will love this mini folding version umbrella. Why? It will keep them dry as they head for the car or the employee entrance.
  3. We've seen several stories about nurses using their personal phones for video calls with quarantined patients' families. This power bank with built-in cables is a bonus as the cables you need are right there.
  4. Speaking of carrying stuff, consider a lunch cooler. We've picked this one because in addition to your logo, it can be personalized with each nurse's name! 
  5. Looking for a budget friendly mobile charger? We like these more affordable mobile phone chargers. They also come in a range of nice colors.
  6. We’re big advocates of journaling. Getting feelings on paper is therapeutic. These journal sets come in lots of colors with matching pens, ready for your company logo. 


Up your game for this year’s National Nurses Week, and choose custom gifts that applaud nurses' efforts, enthusiasm, dedication, and kindness. A small thank you can go a long way in this stressful time. 

PS Need more ideas? Nurses Gifts

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