007 + Bond = 2 Earth Friendly Greenies?

July 07, 2016

007 + Bond = 2 Earth Friendly Greenies?

What a fabulous surprise from the wonderful Beth Bond at Southeast Green -- a fellow greenie! Beth says we're all 'shades of green'. She's dark green and I am, too. I love her scope/video!

HOW WE KNOW EACH OTHER: Beth and I *met* on twitter on a Shark Tank Friday. With 007 in my mobile phone number (and twitter bio) and Beth's last name which is 'Bond' --- well, a connection was a given even though we don't live in the same city. Ahh, the power of social media! 

Beth is talking about some of the green promotional products I shared with her. Seriously, I didn't expect her to make a periscope/you tube video/blog entry. 
Complaining? Not me!
It's neat to hear someone else's take on earth friendly giveaways.

Read Beth's full blog post over at Southeast Green.  
You can follow Beth on twitter 
Thank you so much for this wonderful video, Beth! 
Check out some of the eco friendly giveaways Beth mentioned at PROMOrx. 
 This is the insulated water bottle she also talked about.

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  I've been recycling and calling out greenwashing for years. And yes, I have a reusable bottle
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