Which Branded Promos Are Top Regional Trendsetters?

November 06, 2015

Which Branded Promos Are Top Regional Trendsetters?

We think it’s fun, and highly beneficial, of course, to track trends. That’s why our PROMOrx team has stayed on top of which branded items are selling well in each part of the country.

Ever curious what branded marketing items businesses are purchasing where you live? 

PROMOrx is a web based company, with an international group of customers. Here in the states, we’ve noticed that the “cultures” within each part of the country lead companies to gravitate towards particular branded items for their marketing and trade show giveaways as well as client gifts. 

This information could actually prove very helpful to you. If your company is purchasing promotional products to give to customers in a geographic region distinct from your own, or if you’re just curious what will do well where you live, here’s some insight:


Cool in California – It’s probably because of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco tech companies, but tech items are all the rage on the West Coast. It seems that the businesses we work with on the West Coast love their iPads, iPhones, and laptops, because they appear to be buying up items like the Laptop Travel Bag, Universal Tablet Case with Keyboard, and Metallic iPhone 5 iPhone 6 iPhone6+ Cases.

The Southern California folks, not surprisingly, have gravitated towards the eco-friendly Recycled Shower Timer. The water shortage in the region has certainly made it an important and valued promotional product as well as a learning tool. (we tested one and have to admit it was amazing how much time some of our family members spend in the shower!)


Recycling in the Pacific Northwest – A lot of folks in the Northwest states like Washington and Oregon really seem to value the beauty that surrounds them in this gorgeous part of the country. That probably explains why they’re purchasing eco-friendly items like this Recycled Laminated Tote Bag and the Recycled Tire Jar Opener.



Getting Sun in the Southwest (and Midwest) – Both our Southwest and Midwest-based customers seem to love business branding items that relate to the outdoors. In the Midwest, the Farmers Almanac has been a unique bestseller, affording companies the chance to put their logos on the back of the book and provide their customers with something useful. In the Southwest, people have been buying these Two Tone Drawstring Backpacks, and Insulated Water Bottles that are ideal for hikes in the desert. The sunshine in these states has customers grabbing up Lip Balm with SPF as well!



East Coast Sophistication: Maybe it’s those East Coast vineyards, or perhaps it’s those Happy Hour drinks in the big city that have customers clamoring for all kinds of Wine Gifts. A lot of big-city companies up and down the coast love to give personalized Stemless Wine Glasses and beautiful Custom Etched Wine bottles that are true statement corporate gifts.



Southern Sports: Golf is more than a sport---it’s a way of life, especially in the South. From Alabama to Florida to Georgia…all the way up to Virginia, business branded promotional items like the Golf Accessory Pouch and Laser Engraved Golf Club Luggage Tag are popular options. Perfect after the game or around the pool on the weekends, these Tervis Type Double Wall Tumblers (made in the USA!) are a top seller with the handy lid and straw included.

While many of our promotional items are universal, it’s hard not to notice the trends that arise in purchases across the country. It is important to remember though, just because an item doesn’t seem to be big where you live, doesn’t mean ordering it is a bad idea. Sometimes, giving out something unique is just the way to go so that you stand out from the crowd!

Order what’s right for your company. Think about what your customer wants, what your employees love, and what appeals to you. If you need help, just ask us! 

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