10 Reasons Our Clients Buy Early

October 28, 2015

10 Reasons Our Clients Buy Early



Got a trade show coming up? Or maybe even a meeting or company retreat?  It’s not too soon to start thinking about your promotional giveaways.

As you may have seen in our blog post, “Get Me to the Trade Show on Time,” time is of the essence when it comes to placing orders---because you never know when bad weather or a lost package will get in the way of having what you need, when you need it.

To avoid showing up empty-handed to an event, or needing to scramble last minute and adding stress to your life, why not buy early and have what you need ready to go? Here’s why we think it’s worthwhile to be an early bird when it comes to placing any promotional product order: 







1. You need to make sure the product is what you envisioned. If you decide what branded business item(s) you want to purchase in bulk early, you can review a sample and ensure they’re just right. If they’re not, there’s ample time to decide on color, logo placement and method of branding (depending upon the product you choose to order).


2. Weather

Snowstorms. Hurricanes. A Tornado. Ice Storm. All these can mean shipping delays that no one has control over. Control the one thing you can: when you place your order.


3. You don’t need added stress.

Life is busy enough. You shouldn’t have to worry that you won’t have your giveaways for an important event on time. 


4. As you’ll see in our FAQ, orders aren’t guaranteed on a specific date.

There’s no real UPS/FedEx guarantee, which means we can’t make guarantees either. (OK, there is, but as we've said, what good is that guarantee if your shipment arrives late?) With that said, we’ve never missed a client’s event date in the 15 years we’ve been in business!  We’ve seen a lot happen in all of those years including equipment breakdowns, weather delays,etc. Everyone needs a buffer.


5. Orders ship from different factories across the country.

This means that every order’s delivery timeline is different. You also need to consider the time it takes to produce the item, and the shipping method used.


6. Events are most successful when they are planned well.

This means thinking steps ahead. PROMOrx tries to do as much of the “thinking ahead” as possible to make things easier for you. But it certainly helps if you try to plan ahead as well.


7. When you receive your order, you may realize you want to add something to it. Maybe you ordered promotional tote bags and realize they’re large enough to fit more than you’d anticipated! If you still have time before your event, you can come back to PROMOrx and order additional items to put in them as little goodie bags for event attendees.

8. Details matter.


Give yourself plenty of time to think about what you want to put your company logo on. Every product presents a unique type of branding opportunity that enables you to represent your company in a distinct way. We highly recommend that you don’t make a rushed decision. Consider all of your options, and communicate with us to find out what might be best for your company!


9. It can be nice to have branded promotional products on hand.

That large order of logo-printed pens you placed could come in handy before your event. Let’s say something comes up last minute, and you think it would be great to bring some branded goodies with you. Great news: you ordered early (and you ordered extra, you smartie)! Now you have promotional pens on hand to distribute.


10. You can put your promos to work.

Make use of some of the giveaways you’ve ordered early. Bring a branded tote bag on your morning commute, and take that imprinted coffee mug to a meeting. (Don't forget your business cards!)  You’ll have a shot at showcasing your company during your everyday routine, plus it’s a nice little reward for yourself for taking initiative and ordering early!


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