Would PROMOrx Put OUR Logo on These Bottles Again?

July 13, 2015

Would PROMOrx Put OUR Logo on These Bottles Again?

We purchased these branded stainless steel insulated bottles for PROMOrx. They look great.
Will we order more? No. 45 second video below tells you why.

Why did we put the PROMOrx logo on these bottles?

  • They are GREAT at keeping water cold even on the golf course on a hot day.
  • Black--elegant, minimalistic, matte finish--it looks great.
  • The one handed operation is perfect in your car or on the golf course. 
  • We knew a high end retail brand did a black aluminum bottle with tone on tone imprint.
    (Ask Vickie and she'll tell you who it was!) We knew aluminum bottles would 'sweat'
    AND not keep your drinks cold. The better option was double wall stainless steel.

There is a great alternative that we also branded with the PROMOrx logo. Ask us why!



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