RFID Credit Card Protector

  • Item #: 120347
  • Item Size: 3 3/8" W x 2 1/8" H
  • Imprint Area: 3 3/8 x 2 1/8"

This product has a $ Setup Charge per imprint color or method.

Cyber hackers only need to be 25 feet or closer to you and your wallet
to snatch your personal info from your smart chipped credit cards.

With smart chips becoming standard for credit cards and cyber
hackers becoming a more common threat; why not be safe by
adding an RFID blocking card to your wallet?

  • Add the credit card sized blocker to your wallet or purse along with your
    credit and debit cards to block cyber thieves from stealing your personal info. 
  • Also protects passports.
  • Powered by special e-field technology, this RFID data blocking card provides
    the best defense against electronic thieves by canceling RF signals.
     No batteries or electricity needed.
  • Protects a range of up to 6" - great for all wallets, big or small.
  • Works with contactless chip credit cards.
    These credit cards will have the contactless wave symbol on the front.  contactless indicator icon 
  • Credit Cards that are swiped do not send RFID signals and
    will not be protected by an RFID blocker.
  • Price includes your company logo both on the front of the RFID card
    in full color and on the custom enclosure card.

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