Power Banks Dual Current 5200mAh

  • Item #: 83113
  • Item Size: 3.65" L x 2.1" H x 0.75" D
  • Imprint Area: 2.5" L x 1.25" H

While others look for the cheapest customized power bank around,as a savvy marketer, you understand more
'juice' will go a long way in keeping your business logo in front of clients daily.
This custom power bank kit comes in a handy travel case with room for accessories.

  • Anodized aluminum 
  • NEW: dual-current technology knows correct rate to charge your smartphone or tablet
  • Top of the line battery ensures safety, true power and a longer battery life
  • 5200 mAh capacity to charge most smartphones 2 or more times.
    Tablets will charge to approximately 50% or more depending on your device's mAh
  • LED lights indicate power level
  • USB to Micro USB cable included. To charge Apple devices, you'll need the cable that came with your device.
  • Large decoration area perfect to showcase your company logo
  • Your logo will be laser engraved--no ink to rub off
  • Comes in molded zippered close black case
  • NOTE: To recharge the power bank, AC to usb recommended.

    How to select a mobile device charger:
    What's mAh? Milliampere-hour is the energy charge a battery will hold.
    Power banks with mAh equal to or greater than your device's mAh will charge most efficiently.

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