Reusable Rubber Tipped Straw

  • Item #: 127179
  • Item Size: 9.1" L x 0.2" Diameter
  • Imprint Area: 0.5" L x 3" H

This custom reusable straw represents the future of eco-friendly giveaways.
The elimination of single-use plastics has become a worldwide initiative; you, too,
can contribute to this global effort by choosing sustainable straws like this one.

Become a part of the solution today, and provide your target market with these  promotional reusable straws. 

  • Rubber tip for safe and comfortable drinking

  • Metal body allows for easy cleaning

  • Bristle brush included for easy cleaning

  • Extendable design accommodates any drink size

  • Protective case allows for portability and hassle-free storage

  • Your company or event logo printed in full color on the case

PROMOrx Prescription based on our testing: 

Vickie: we tested several stainless steel straws that did not collapse in addition to this one which does.
This style is much easier to keep in a purse or backpack. 

Jay: This is not something I would carry. I prefer NOT to use a straw.
But if you must drink through a straw, I'd go with the rubber tipped straws like this one. 

Check this Branded Metal Straw Set  for another style.



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