Plastic Pens

If you’re expecting lots of visitors to your trade show booth or meeting, consider economical
plastic giveaway pens for those 'hit and run' visitors.
There are plastic pens and, well, there are plastic pens.

When buying a giveaway pen with your business or school logo, some things to consider: 

  • Ink quality, ink type (gel or ballpoint) and ink color
  • Special features like ergonomic grips, light up pens, etc
  • Imprint area. If your logo is taller than wide, imprint height is critical for readability. 
  • Type of decoration. Many pens can be customized with full color imprints for that marketing wow!
  • Pen color. Is there an option that's a closer match to your brand colors?
  • Packaging. Plastic bags? Bulk? Velvet sleeves? 

When you put your company logo on a pen, it's an extension of your brand. Choose wisely.