Health and Safety | PPE's | Covid-19

PROMOrx received a call from a client asking for PPEs.  "Personal Protective Equipment" 

The client asked us for masks, gowns and anything else we could find. We've done a lot of vetting and the situation literally changes by the hour. We've gone to suppliers we work with normally, who have a history with us. We've hunted for American Made.

If there's something you need, not in this category, let us know. We have trusted suppliers we can ask.

NOTE: PROMOrx makes no warranty on any of the items in this category that they either prevent infection or transmission of viruses/diseases.

Hand sanitizer is another big seller right now. The hand sanitizers on our website all come from different factories. We've focused on sanitizer made in the USA, which cost more. Our thought is we're keeping Team USA working. There is sanitizer still on our website made in China, but decorated in the USA.

We're focused on 'being the helpers' -- a take on Mr. Rogers' quote 'find the helpers'. 

Transparency: to keep our business open, PROMOrx will make a profit on items you purchase. We have reduced our normal profit margins for all items on this page.  We are making donations based on sales of everything in this category. 
Like so many businesses, we're walking the line between wanting to donate everything and knowing we have to pay the bills.