Custom Adult Coloring Books

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Whenever there's a trend in retail, it tends to filter over to the business promotional items category.
That is certainly true with custom adult coloring books.

Touted as a stress reliever and creativity booster, many businesses see the benefit
of these as well as health care facilities, assisted living communities, hospitals, and doctors offices.

Articles like this fuel the popularity of custom adult coloring books:
This Childhood Pastime Helps Relieve Stress

Choose from these coloring books, size and page counts shown.
Each one will include a full color promotional page with your company logo, message, etc.
The promo page is glued into the first or second page of the book. 

NOTE: Base price for coloring books shown.
When you order, additional cost will show in drop down box and shopping cart.
These coloring books are VERY popular. We suggest selecting a couple titles and let us check availability.

  • Coloring for Calm : 100 designs, 5.9" x 5.9"
  • India: 144 pages, 6.6" x 6.6"
  • Japan: 144 pages, 6.6" x 6.6"
  • Butterflies: 144 pages, 6.6" x 6.6"
  • Mindfulness:  112 pages, 6.90" x 4.90"
  • Mindfulness 2:  112 pages, 6.90" x 4.90"
  • Mid Century Modern Patterns: 64 pages, 8.4" x 9.8"
  • Mid Century Modern Animals: 64 pages, 8.4" x 9.8"
  • Botanicals: 64 pages, 8.4" x 9.8"

More coloring book titles: Adult Coloring Books

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