Cotton/Fabric Tote Bags with Logo

If you're looking to get the most out of your promotional totes,
it's best to start with what matters most to you and your budget.
Below are some great tote bag buying tips.

So many custom cotton tote bags, how to narrow your choices?
How do you decide which promotional fabric tote bags to purchase?
Start with your 'tote bag must haves':
  • size (what needs to fit in the tote bags and how heavy are the items)
  • color (what will best showcase your company or school logo)
  • material (going for eco friendly, durability, or just the cheapest?)
  • features (closure, interior organization, outside pockets,etc.)

    Cotton and fabric tote bags are ideal for books, groceries, and overnight trips.
    Printed tote bags make a great promotional item or gift item because of the durability and versatility they offer.
    Our quality totes custom printed with your logo will help you achieve just that.