Behold, the $3333 Single Use Plastic Promo Swag Bag

August 12, 2019

Behold, the $3333 Single Use Plastic Promo Swag Bag

In the event that you don't know what the buzz is about, check out the most expensive trade show promo bag on the market.

Most expensive imprinted swag bag on the market

They may look like ordinary plastic swag bags, but in reality, they are much more.

These powerful little bags are responsible for killing 100,000 marine animals and adversely affecting more than 267 different species of animals. Plus, they contribute to 80 percent of ocean plastic pollution.

No other promo bag causes that much mayhem for so many years to come. Guess what they don't do? They don't promote your business for years to come because they are single use.

They may store the promotional materials you hand out at trade shows but then 100% of them are thrown in the trash. Does that sound like great marketing to you?

The plastic swag bag product description reads:

"While we’re inclined to tell you that these single use bags are no longer available for order, that would be a lie.

If you really want to purchase the single use bags at the outrageous price listed, go ahead! We’ll donate the money to one of the many clean up the Earth funds, and send you a cotton bag as a token of our appreciation.

Reusable bags with your logo are way cooler and prospects are less likely to dump them in the trash. That’s a win for you and your branding agenda. Mother Earth will thank you too!"


That's it. Not taking an order for these single use plastic bags.

Let's break this down. Studies show 73% of consumers have at least one reusable bag with a logo in their homes. Studies also show those bags are kept, on average, for a year.

Marketers have estimated a reusable bag with a logo will receive nearly 3,500 visual impressions once it makes it into your home. As if that isn't awesome enough, 61% of people will pass the bag with the logo onto a family or friend.

Recent statistics show that 50% of consumers report being more likely to make a purchase from a business when they have a branded bag in their home. 

Plastic trade show bags are thrown out. They are often thrown in the trash at the convention center or meeting venue. Reusable cotton bags are used for years to come. 

This seems like a no-brainer. Just buy the cotton bag. 


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