5 Tips for Buying Client Holiday Gifts (Hint...Time Sensitive!)

Industry tips and secrets! Everyone wants them, especially during the holidays when they are searching for client holiday gifts.

Here's a secret that we've been dying to share!

The holidays are the absolute worst time to start thinking of business gifts!

After more than seventeen years of helping people choose the perfect items to brand their business and say thank you to valued customers or staff, we've learned a thing or two about how to avoid the disaster holiday gift buying can become.

And you can avoid them, too..if you know the tips and tricks.


Avoid Problems You Never Saw Coming

Hit the site. Choose the product. Confirm your order. Boom! Your holiday corporate gift shopping is done!

That's holiday shopping at its best.

We like to make it look just that easy for our customers. But on our side of the screen, there are a lot of moving parts to make that happen. 

We know you don't have time to figure out how the promo industry works, so we do that for you. We're more than just a catalog site. We are also marketing consultants dedicated to helping you skip the problems we see all the time.

Here are the problems (and solutions) you don't know about that we see every holiday season.


PROBLEM: They weren't impressed last year...we wasted our budget

It happens every year. Some company will make a quick decision based on what's cheap and can ship quickly, primarily because they waited too long and availability is limited.

Don't worry! It isn't your fault. A lot of companies get rushed right down to the wire and make a quick decision to get it done.

But we want to ask: If you've sold enough products or services to say thank you for your business, or you're marketing something that requires a significant financial outlay on your customer's part, how does it reflect on your company to thank them with a super cheap gift?

Yes, a little tough love is called for if it keeps you from being embarrassed. We've got your back.

SOLUTION: Match the gift to the level of the client, or higher

The holidays are the perfect time to help your company shine. When you wow them with a spectacular gift that says, "You matter to us!" people are impressed.

I can't think of a better way to use your budget than to be outstanding in the eyes of your customers.

So if you want to avoid a yawn when they receive your gift, or far worse, the possibility that you offended them with a cheap show of appreciation that's far below the level of their worth to you, match the gift to the level of the client.

And don't wait until availability is limited.


PROBLEM: The gift isn't appropriate

A few months ago we told you a story about a boss who awarded his stellar employees expensive gift certificates to the best steak house in town.

His employees were vegetarians.

A common problem is choosing gifts you think have big value, but may not be a great match for your customers or employees.

And it's important that those gifts support your brand, too.

SOLUTION: Know who you're buying for

Your gifts have to hit a few targets:

  • Keep them appropriate and valuable to the recipient
  • Choose quality gifts
  • Opt for gifts that get used often so they stay visible
  • Match them to your company brand


We want your gift choice to reflect your brand, so we offer consultations to help you choose the perfect product and reflect your company. Having an idea of who will receive the gifts shows that you are invested in the people, not just hoping to win their business or support with a generic gift.


PROBLEM: Hot items are already out of stock

Some of the most popular items sell out as early as late summer and early fall. Sure, some are restocked, but much of that is pre-sold before it leaves customs.

SOLUTION: Order early

Something doesn't feel quite right when stores hang Christmas decorations before Halloween. It dilutes the fun of gift buying in crisp air, with roaring fire, and the aroma of cinnamon and evergreen trees.

It doesn't evoke the same level of excitement.

Talking about holiday swag in October is right up there with Santa competing for floor space with bats and skeletons, we get it.

...Unless it means you pay more or don't get the company thank you gifts that you want.

Before you select an item, check the availability.

Or better yet, start shopping in September while we still have the cool tech items you have your eye on.


PROBLEM: Delayed Shipping

In past years, shipping delays began as early as the third quarter due to problems at a national hub. The increase in volume and staffing also trigger chaos during the holidays, causing shipping delays we can't predict. Throw in the weather and you've got a recipe for delays.

It's one of those moving parts we have no control over.

SOLUTION: Start now!

Take back the control.

We have trusted suppliers from coast to coast. If you order early and our supplier on your side of the country still has product, there are fewer delays.

If they run out, we have to order from the other side of the country causing longer delivery times. And that's if we can get the product!

So not to be repetitious, but take back the control and ensure you get the product you want without delays by ordering early.


PROBLEM: No time to research which products are hot!

What sells? What moves out fast? And which of those products will my customers love?

You don't have time to do research and you don't want to order based on what you see others ordering.

Who wants to look just like the competition!

SOLUTION: We've got resources to help you choose quickly.

We know which swag sells and why. And we share it with our customers.


And so much more.


What's HOT for the Holidays?

One word...tech.

To be more precise, cool tech security and tech items that make life easier and more fun.

Cybersecurity takes center stage after the Black Hat convention in Las Vegas this past summer, making products like our Data Blocking USB Charging Adapter an excellent budget friendly choice. 

Mobile power chargers continue to be sought after company swag - but be sure to know what sets one apart from the other. Ask us!

But don't forget fun and useful!

Bluetooth speakers and earbuds and headphones are both. 

What if you're not into tech? We have an entire selection of other categories like wine gifts, food gifts, executive gifts, business traveler gifts and more that are perfect corporate holiday gifts. We'll be happy to guide you through branding your choice with your logo and message.

Just give us a call and we'll be happy to help...but do it now! Don't wait until even one of our best insider tips can't help.

Start planning today and don't stress out during the holidays!


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