Ever Met Someone Who Just GETS It?

September 03, 2015

Ever Met Someone Who Just GETS It?

Hi Everyone! It's Vickie--Marketing Doctor and Owner in the blog chair today.
As you'll see below, I sent a PROMOrx water bottle and a note to the marvelous Sonja Pound with Gramercy Social. Sonja isn't a client of PROMOrx and PROMOrx isn't a client of Sonja's--yet.

Sonja is a connector, communicator and opinionated--I adore that! We *met* in a private Facebook group for business owners run by Chris Brogan. We arranged a phone call. We talked about a project for PROMOrx. She connected me to another vendor to do some graphic work for me.

Sonja hasn't made one penny from PROMOrx. And yet, she followed up with me, while I was working with the graphic artist she suggested--how was the process going, was I pleased. I even emailed some of the designs to Sonja. She made the most amazing suggestions that the graphic artist implemented. Remember, I am NOT a client of Sonja's.

Did I send her a hand written note and a small appreciation gift? You bet! I want to stay connected with someone like Sonja who just "GETS It!" 

If you're a small business owner or solopreneur, visit Sonja's website, or check out her Facebook page. If she takes this kind of care with a non client, well, it's not hard to figure out the kind of service you'll receive if you are a client!

And by the way--this is the most amazing thank you for a thank you gift I've EVER received! Hats off to you, Sonja! 


Thank you so much Gramercy Social ! So glad you love the water bottle!

Posted by PROMOrx.com on Thursday, September 3, 2015

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Sonja Pound
Sonja Pound

September 06, 2015

You have made my YEAR! Thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate you. It was great to talk with another person that “gets it” – I look forward to working together soon.

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