It’s Not Just About a Cheap Pen…it’s Marketing Alignment!

June 29, 2015

It’s Not Just About a Cheap Pen…it’s Marketing Alignment!

Imagine this: Your company is set to have a booth at an upcoming  trade show or convention and you are trying to decide between the fifty cent ballpoint pen that sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t and the more sleek, metal pen with the coveted smooth black ink.

In essence, the fifty cent pen would clearly be a lot cheaper and you could spread your brand much further because you could afford to buy more. However, the brand that you would be spreading with the fifty cent pen or other inexpensive giveaway isn’t the true message of your company.

It would be a cheap, diluted, and quite literally, disposable version.

Sure, a thousand fifty cent pens could possibly a go long way and the name of your company is definitely getting out there. However, who’s to say those who you give the pens to don’t throw them away the moment they walk away from you?

Worse yet, what if they are in a bind and absolutely need a pen and the only one they have is yours and it’s on the floor of their car and it doesn’t work? It sounds far-fetched and maybe it is, but that broken pen could become what they associate your brand with. So the question that comes to mind is that fifty cent pen really worth it?

Or, should your company focus on complimenting your brand activities with a well-thought out giveaway that enhances your brand and marketing?

The bottom line is that you need to think about how your marketing speaks.

The synergy of your brand with printed materials, booth staff and giveaways should culminate in the best possible presentation and value statement.

If you’re giving away cheap pens – you may be missing out on an opportunity to align your vision and values with a physical statement or gift to potential clients. Pay attention to the details because in the end, they are going to comprise your brand.

If you don’t pay attention to the details - the marketing strategy of your company is going to come off messy and perhaps even lackluster!

The next time you find yourself debating between cheap giveaways and more expensive ones, take the time to truly think about your purchase and how it aligns with the whole of your marketing strategy.

A fifty cent pen sounds good in theory but could prove ineffective, or even harmful to your brand image, in the long run.

Go the extra mile and truly think about what your marketing is saying about your brand.


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